Life is a process of growth and change. Sustaining an intimate relationship requires us to stay with our changing selves while navigating the changing selves of our partners. This is a difficult balance to achieve, and a challenge that many people cannot negotiate on their own.

For therapy to be successful, one must truly want to change the things in one's self and life that are not working. Sometimes change is hard, and people need the ongoing support and nurturance that a therapeutic relationship can provide.

We work with adolescents, helping them understand and manage the dynamic changes of this life stage. We work with families to assist in finding balance by exploring new behaviors and clarifying communication.

We do a great deal of work with couples, providing a safe place to talk and tools to understand one's self and one's partner. Couples therapy can help us stay in creative partnership with the one we love and evolve this important relationship so it allows and promotes the growth of both partners.

Relationships are key—in life and in therapy. We provide a therapy that is characterized by immediacy, emotional presence, warmth, and safety. Whether it is in a one-to-one or couples therapy, we will work together to build a dynamic partnership that explores and addresses one's concerns and needs.